Rolling Stone launched its SA edition last week

Rolling Stone is in South Africa. It arrived, without a big noise, last week.

And I don’t mean the one off the boat, but our very own makoya home brewed version that has at least 50% local content.

They got Hugh Masekela to blow a few notes at the launch party and appear on the cover of Edition 1. What other face would suffice? No other. Bra Hugh is the official boss of tune in South Africa.

In the cover story he is quoted as saying: “I’m lucky to be sitting here and talking to you about it. The saddest thing that happened to South Africa is that it was illegal for Africans to drink liquor in this country until 1961. So drinking became not only a form of resistance, but also a form of defiance.”

I love the pithiness, the activism and the political grit. This is not some lame-assed picture book, or celeb gossip toilet paper to catch the dust on your cistern, or a coaster on your coffee table. It’s a magazine title that’ll neither burn out nor fade away.

And see here. This layout. This is like the Bra Hugh of editorial design. In my next life, I want to work there. Rolling Stone. I love you to the moon and back.

'Bra Hugh' - from the Earthcote Heritage Collection - the Earthcote philosophy in seventy colours inspired by iconic South African people and places. Available in Zero VOC environmentally friendly matt paint at Paint&Place stores..


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