Snakes and crocs and things are coming after me.

Lordy, koeks. That sounds like a bit of a bad dream?

Not exactly. What’s scary about the snakes and crocs that are stalking me, is how terrifyingly beautiful they are. What’s bad about their dreaminess, is that I covet. That’s no good. I’m trying hard to be and follow the great example of Leo Babauta, whose blog zen habits is my current life coach. Two hundred and thirty thousand readers are with me on it.

But let’s take a commercial break from Leo, for a sec, and consider what’s what with snakeskin and crocs and things. Last week, I ran into the paper thin snake print ceramic vessel by Lisa Firer. Then I saw my friend Janet Fryer, who holds the key to the dying art of gesso. Gesso is a croc-look finish that, amazingly, is a coating technique. After working in Europe for years and bagging a few tips from the masters, Janet came back to South Africa and she now makes screens, frames, tables, cupboards and even walls, in gesso. The drama of black gesso gets me all worked up.  I also love how it looks in white (below). Soon Janet will be launching a range of croc-look gesso home accessories and furnishings that we can all covet.

Last item on my sexy reptiles list: Earthcote Pandomo, in a colour called Black Cat. This is a wax coated stucco-like resin based coating that’s selling like hotcakes, from Cape Town to Amsterdam. It’s beautiful stuff.

“Don’t you think it looks a lot like the collar of a Cape Cobra?” asked Simon Fraser, boss of all new-fangled wall finishes by Earthcote, while casting an eye over the new Earthcote ad. Ya, come to think of it, I do. It’s very snakey. It has very very sharp and deadly fangs. Leo, help me here.

White gesso room divider by Berg Studios, Cape Town

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