Earthcote Worn Leather storm wall at The Reserve, Adderley Street, Cape Town

At The Reserve in Adderley Street, Cape Town, palm trees, pink tables, parrots, moneys and tropical storms all live together in a witty and wild interior.

How emotional and hurricane-like is this Earthcote Worn Leather ‘storm wall’?  This is another manipulated wall treatment from Earthcote this summer. I love the unruliness of the scratchy bits. The hurricane-like look happened when we painted diluted acrylic wall paint over Earthcote Worn Leather. The lime from the Worn Leather base coat kept burning through, bringing all this aesthetic mayhem to the surface.

To do one of your own: Brush on two coats of Earthcote Worn Leather ‘Gemsbok Tan’. Then using a roller, apply one or two coats of Midas Envirolite 220 in the same colour as ‘Gemsbok Tan’ – try ‘Bleached Wash Table’ from the Midas 300 colour palette, diluted 50:50 with water. The effect will be spontaneous and completely unpredictable. To protect the wall and give it a polished patina, finish it off with a layer or two of Earthcote Wall Wax, and buff it as you would as floor. For more detailed instructions and to see how this looks in an alternative colour, check out my instructions in one of my earlier posts this season: Storm Wall.

Midas Envirolite 220 Zero VOC Paint – ‘Bleached Wash Table’

What if you’d rather drink a tornado or hurricane, than paint one? Or if painting hurricanes makes you really thirsty? Find out how to shake up your own storm in a highball with recipes by Absolut Vodka, here.

PHOTO: Los Angeles Times


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