Earthcote shimmer fx at The Reserve

Slide down to my earlier postcard if you’d like to see all the bubbly people having fun at The Reserve. Or stay with me if you want to get the How To for doing walls that look like they’ve been hosed down with Moët.

The champagne effect was achieved using a base coat of Earthcote Dorado, a shimmery, metallic textured paint, in the very palest silver-white colour. Then on top of that, a layer of Earthcote Frost. Frost can be applied over any colour you like, and it looks quite literally like snowfall on a wall, all opaque and twinkly. Simon Fraser of Earthcote, who worked on the idea with interior designer Manuela Candido, said the insider tip here was to mix glitter into the Frost, to turn up the sparkle.

Here’s how Simon’s ‘Methode’ looks on the plaster mouldings next to the very solid old marble inlays. It’s pretty. And at night, in flickering light, these walls sing like Nina Simone.

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