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My Joburg friends are asking where they can go. What they mean is, new and interesting places to go to when they get to Cape Town for the Chirstmas hols.

My day job led me to some fun discoveries last month when I had to go see about some walls in Adderley Street. So I’m happy to be able to add value to their to-do lists.

Look, up top, at the people partying at The Reserve. This place is fun on toast and it’s now finally open.

The press release said: ‘Cape Town had an urgent need of an up-market club for discerning patrons that want to escape, live the dream and have fun.’ I wasn’t aware of the urgency but I am glad someone’s taken it seriously.

The Reserve, 130 Adderley Street, Cape Town

The Reserve is in the historic 150 year old ABC building that used to be a bank, with ceilings that are nearly twelve meters high, walls done in marble, brass wherever you look, chandeliers to swing from. The interior concept is by Manuela Candido.

As you enter the building into the bar, you get swept away by a wild Tony Duquette styled room. The walls of the first bar bar are painted in both flat colors in various shades of green with palm tree murals and the odd parrot and monkey. Lots of leopard skin and floral fabrics with palm tree cocktail tables, pink duco-ed accents and colour that keeps popping to the sound of champagne corks. The Bar is also pure fantasy, with its proudly kitsch 1950’s Palm Springs vibe. The actual lounge is reminiscent of a Munich-style 1930’s  burlesque room. Plush banquette seating is surrounded by dance floor podiums for whoever feels like leaping up and shaking their booty.

The piece de resistance is the DJ birdcage done in gold leaf.

There is no cover charge but you have to call or email to be guest listed. Invitations are sent out to a ‘select market’ on The Reserve’s database. Themed dress-up parties happen every weekend and you have to be on the list to get into one of them.

Like I said, because work demanded, I had to go there to see how it’s possible that a wall could look like the inside of a bottle of Bollinger. So I snuck in.

Next, I need to tell you about party walls and how to make them using a couple of tins of Earthcote and a tube of glitter. But first I need a disco nap.

The Reserve111 ST Georges Mall, Cape Town021 424 0102,info@millerprive.comVIP HOST MIKAEL 071 1515166

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