Antonia Steyn's gold doily wall coated in glinty Frost by Earthcote - photo: Antonia Steyn for Elle Decoration

My day job recently threw me into another collaborative project with the team at Elle Decoration. The upshot of which is a big fat Freeworld paint supplement in the latest issue of Elle Decoration, now on shelf. Decor Editor Anna Loubser came up with the idea of plastering cheap gold doilies from the Chinese shop on photographer Antonia Steyn’s wall, then overcoating them with a layer of twinkly Earthcote Frost.

The Frost wall above was one of a series of five Earthcote feature walls commissioned on behalf of a team of hand-picked South African artists and designers, Antonia being one.

What  is Frost paint?

Earthcote creative director Simon Fraser: “It was inspired by that whoosh of cold air that hits you when the Gatti icecream seller guy lifts the lid off his cart. I wondered how it might look if we added colour to the icy inside of the Gatti box, and that’s what we did. Frost is one of our products that we’re exporting to Europe and it’s becoming very popular in Amsterdam. It’s an opaque chrystalline layer that you spread on top of ordinary wall colour – then flatten with a trowel.”

Elle Decor asked Antonia:

How would you describe your Frost wall?

It’s quite girly, and very glam.

In what way does your wall reflect who you are?

It’s an extension of my tattoo of a crochet doily.

What do you love about this look?

I love that it’s completely the opposite to what my house is like.

What appeals about the Earthcote ‘Frost’ technique?

Its transparency.

Colours you’re loving right now?

Muted greys and white. If I was to repaint my home now, I’d just go for a fresh coat of cool white everywhere inside. I have glossy white parquet floors, which I love.

You’re known for your portraiture – what was it like being on the other side of the camera?


Most challenging portrait you’ve ever taken?

Richard Branson. I had five minutes to photograph him, and the flash stopped working just as I started shooting!

Read more about Earthcote Frost, Granite and Limestone Paint and the creative celebs who like to play with them, in the Outdoor Issue of Elle Decoration. These products are available from Midas Earthcote and Paint&Place stores in South Africa, and at certain stores in Holland.

Giant West Coast salt crystal balls - available from Hemelhuis Restaurant, Cape Town

And once you’ve done your walls, you might be wanting some snow for the table? Yes, no? These wonderfully ice-like chunks are in fact giant balls of salt. I spotted them at Hemelhuis Restaurant at the Freeworld Design Centre this week. R300 – R500 each.

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