Kitchenware design by brothers Richard and Antony Joseph of Joseph Joseph in the UK stirs something in me. I saw this glass cutting board in a shop this week and decided to give myself an early Christmas present. The downside of this self-given joy is that it has imposed on me an idea of the tallest order. This being, I feel the need to do a wall in these colours. It’ll take a month of Sundays, I know, but that’s what holidays are for, not so? I call it paint tapestry. The thing that you do when you’ve tidied every cupboard, sorted out the storeroom and dealt with every loose piece of paper that’s still hanging around from 2011. Have a look on the Joseph Joseph website for more treaty ideas and to read about these twin brothers. (One is a business graduate, the other a designer.)
South Africans can top up on JJ stuff at Spilhaus
Slightly more complex, but in much the same territory, is this pull-out poster from Wallpaper magazine. 

IMAGE: Wallpaper Magazine.

The colour wall at Paint&Place stores makes me feel the same giddy delight as the as Pick ‘n Mix counter in the supermarket, the Joseph Joseph board and the Wallpaper pull-out poster. I’m looking forward to the day that I stand in front of this wall and pick 65 of my favourite colours.


300 colours: at Paint&Place stores in South Africa. Image courtesy of Elle Decoration.

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