Images by Design Boom

I sent a postcard in a previous post, Grow It Yourself with some great green walls. Then on CNN this week I saw an insert about the Ann Demeulemeester retail store in South Korea, in which both exterior and interior walls are built of plants. This is, quite literally, green building. Imagine how it breathes, looks, and delivers on acoustics. (images via: Design Boom) I followed up and got the lowdown on this awesomeness on

The Ann Demeulemeester shop in Seoul, South Korea features undulating living walls made from a geo-textile planted with herbaceous perennials. The verdant look is even carried into the interior of the store. Mass Studies, the Korean architecture firm responsible for the design, wanted to incorporate nature into what can often be cold retail environments. –

But man oh man. Take a look at this interpretation of vertical gardening on the exterior wall of a Louis Vuitton store. If you aren’t yet a gardener, the might inspire you to sink your hands into a nice warm bag of potting soil to see what you can pull out.


(images via: Cube Me)

In an attempt to refresh an aging Louis Vuitton building without a major reconstruction, architects Gregory Polleta and Sung Jang came up with a brilliantly simple solution: covering it in a changeable arrangement of topiaries. The project, ‘Topiade’, uses greenery-covered forms that can be changed regularly for a fresh new look. –

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