Atang Tshikare customised these sneakers using Earthcote Granite Paint

The Freeworld Design Centre gave some Earthcote Granite Paint to indie artist and cool customiser Atang Tshikare. This is how he put it to use on a pair of sneakers. I’ll send some sharper shots down the line, but this snap tells the story for now. I think the idea of chucking paint onto a shoe (& stuff) to give it a second life, or just to be surprised by a fresh interpretation of the obvious, is nice. Atang will be doing a customising gig at the Freeworld Design Centre from 9 Feb to about 21 March, in a series of pods titled ‘Kidults.’ Basically you hand your shoes to Atang and have them customised for a fee. I fished out this tin of Earthcote metallic look bronze Dorado paint, thinking I’ll ask Atang to use it on some shoes or boots of mine that have seen better days. Let’s see. Earthcote also make a texturised metallic look Dorado which could take things to an interesting place.

Metallic-look paint by Earthcote. Dorado 'smooth' paint in 'Bronze'.

To see more of Atang’s art, go to, and cast your eye over the story of his life so far. As an artist, this is what Zambalazaa does:

“We provide innovative & creative solutions. We adapt our style to suit your needs. We customise sneakers, stilettos, furniture, shoes and machines. We also do street art including marker art and – we don’t do fashion but we love mad style.”

I’m with him on that. This piece appeals to me.

Customised by Atang Tshikare


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