Cooks beautifully. Designed to outlive me. Good for arms.

Reminds me where I put the garlic. It gets busy in the fridge.

I’m over the idea of stuff that looks cool but has no use. I’m finding it easier and easier to relieve myself of things that don’t pull their weight around the house. I was given this beautiful pot by my family for my birthday. Now this is a present I can understand. I’ll use it everyday for the next forty years, and I’ll enjoy it every time I cook with it. Its usefulness goes beyond stews and curries and things. This pot is so damn heavy, man, it’s a workout. Who needs arm curls when you can spend an hour in the kitchen every night lifting your Le Creusets?
I have other pots that are close cousins to this one. I wasn’t going to admit it but what the hell. I’m collecting these things. Who wouldn’t? I also love the little tskoskes that are the offspring of the main Le Creuset range. Like the little garlic keeper, the salt pigs, the butter crock, jugs, honeypots and other can’t-live-without items.
Without further ado, go look at the kitchen section in ‘The Room’, a Freeworld paint ideas guide at the back of the latest issue of Elle Decoration. The paint stories at the back were a very absorbing part of my day job recently. So the new issue is finally out, with lots of tasty painting ideas for us to do at home during the hols. The kitchen section also throws you a chance to win a Le Creuset pot in the palest blue – a lovely calm, clear, beachy colour called ‘Coastal Blue’, for summer. One of these blue pots would feel so comfortable next to my Le Creuset apple sauce pot. With competitions, I say there’s no harm trying. If you win, I’m coming for supper.
To enter, get details from this link to the Elle Decoration blog.
Now at a news stand near you. There’s a big fat paint supplement at the back, compliments of Freeworld. This issue is no slouch.
From p27 of ‘The Room’ : get ideas for ways to paint up a storm and make nice in your kitchen. And win stuff.

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