Last night I ran out, so I just popped into the bakery deli next door to my house, and picked up a packet of Truth.
While making coffee this morning, I stopped to admire the pack one more time, which completely flies it for me. Not just because of the understated monochromatic minimalist look, but because I think they hit the jackpot with the name. Truth is big.
The Protection of State Information Bill goes before the National Assembly for a vote today. The new laws make it a crime to leak, possess or publish information deemed classified, with whistleblowers and journalists facing up to 25 years in jail.
We’ll still be able to grind it, brew it and drink it. We just won’t be able to hear it.
When Nelson Mandela addressed the International Press Institute Congress in Cape Town in 1994, he said: “…Truth does indeed have immense power; yet it remains extremely elusive. No single person, no body of opinion, no political or religious doctrine, no political party or government can claim to have a monopoly on truth…It has therefore always been our contention that laws, mores, practices and prejudices that place constraints on freedom of expression are a disservice to society…”
Make me an armband in this colour please.

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