Colour Of The Day: Five Star by Midas Envirolite Zero VOC Paint

My colour of day is ‘Five Star’ and it goes to this man, Sonny, a barista at the Wembley Square Vida in Cape Town. I started my Friday with a nice cup of Chaos Grande, culminating in the loss of a bag containing all the big stuff. (Cards, identity, driver’s license, money, oxygen.) Sonny found the bag before I was even aware I’d lost it, sleuthed me down and gave me back my life. I know it’s only stuff but it means a lot to me that I got it back. And it’s really cool and groovy when the dodgem track of life bumps you into people like Sonny, who are completely the bomb. Universe, are you listening? Please serve this man an early Christmas, with extra sugar and cream and a family pack of red Ferraris on the side.

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