My veg roasts, steaks and rotisserie chook are entering a long overdue renaissance. So too are my rows of open kitchen shelves, which have a gnawing hunger for sexy tsotskes like these. I love the mod-retro look of the new Cape Herb & Spice range, designed by the spice girls at Strappmurray. Sporty is Tamsyn Wooll and Shy, who wanted to remain 99% anonymous, is Lesley Strapp, not pictured here for obvious reasons. I’ll fess up now and admit flat-out that I topped up my shopping basket last weekend with a whole wagonload of these grinders and shakers and things, because I thought they looked killer (don’t you think spice packs got grim and boring over the past decade?) and to have something fresh and interesting to shake over chips and chops. I might even round up some Texan steaks for my braai tonight.

Tamsyn Wooll, designer, Strappmurray.

Colour of the Day: 'Spice Rack' by Midas Envirolite Zero VOC Paint

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