I’ve been wanting to introduce you to Vicky (Vheke) Kruger. Vicky’s screenprinted Afro-Skandi fabrics are at Bellamy & Bellamy, the beautiful fabric offering of David Bellamy on Main Rd, Muizenberg, Cape Town. I love popping in at B&B, and tend to lose myself in the rolls and piles of beautiful English linens, David’s handmade shirts, piles of real indigo dyed African cloth and Vicky’s prints which have been used in scatter cushions and to upholster one-off chairs. Vicky and David are fun and they always have stories to tell.

Vicky’s art flies it for me. I was given two of Vicky’s collages as a gift from a friend. The enigmatic Japanese girl up top is one of them. Vicky’s visual handwriting is so distinctive – the confidence of her organic cut-out graphics and zesty use of colour transposes beautifully onto fabrics. She uses the best quality cotton linen and it shows. Vicky recently covered a chair in one of her dotty fabrics – a piece now on display in Bellamy & Bellamy’s window. I feel that chair has my name on it, but apparently so do others. I expect it won’t stay in the window for long.

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