POLKA DOT WALL Photo: Antonia Steyn

The reindeer horns, courtesy of stylist Anna Loubser, had no option but to feature in one our high season feature walls. This wall was done using gritty Earthcote Granite Paint, for the polka dots, on top of matt acrylic wall paint. We used Midas Envirolite 220. The lunar effect was achieved using a vinyl template custom-cut for us by my friend Graeme Blem at Sign Bomb who is always happy to get involved in trying out new ideas.

1. Lay the vinyl stencil on the prepared wall. 2. Apply 2 coats Earthcote Granite Paint and allow to dry. 3. Remove vinyl. Colours: Base Coat - Midas Envirolite 220 'The Moat' / Polka Dots - Earthcote Granite Paint 'Isikonkwane Blue'.

An amazing surprise was how the money worked out on this one. The finished wall cost under R400 for eight square metres which I rate as great value. (Excluding the cost of the stencil.) The stencil shapes could also be done using a dinner plate, a good paintbrush and a steady hand but first prize is to get the guys at Sign Bomb to do what they do best for you. Peel-on-peel-off vinyls are much quicker, they save you hours and hours and they allow you to achieve a super-clean edge to your pattern, for a slicker finish. (Sign Bomb can do any shape or pattern you can think of. Just email them your ideas.) What I like about Granite Paint is that it has a retro terrazzo-like feel and it comes in a wonderful palette of speckled colours.

::: I posted some more Sign Bomb vinyls here a couple of weeks ago: Wall joy.

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