Earthcote Cement Paint

Food revivalism is back. Alas, I won’t be making my own elderflower champagne or bottling stewed persimmons as Christmas gifts. What I’ll happily do for the movement, though, is bring a few tins out of the closet. Starting with baked beans.
The paint chip from Earthcote is an almost perfect replica of what I had for supper last night. Camping food, like tinned sweetcorn, sardines and beans on toast, is hard to beat. Baked beans on toast doesn’t have to be boring. If you sprinkle some chopped chives and jalapenos and slosh some Worcestershire sauce on top you can turn ordinary baked beans into luxury baked beans – and if you chew really quietly, you’ll hear the sound of Yul Brynner riding into town on his hoss. For extra flavour, be sure to play Apache by The Shadows at full volume till the meal is over.

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