Paul Smith multistripe ball - from Paul Smith online store.

-By John Aye. Published by Frederick Muller Ltd.

The Paul Smith online shop now ships to 17 new international destinations, including (big yay) South Africa. I think Sir Paul’s cricket ball is a win. So too, is the very cool collection of books available to order from the big Sir.

Now is the time for things like slow shopping and slow sport. Today especially, since they tell me SA is doing a great day’s work in the business of slaying Australia. The slowness of cricket is enormously appealing. The fact that you can take a nap and still not have missed a whole lot (usually) is wonderful. This summer I think I shall acquire a floppy white hat and go see the Proteas make their opponents look like a left arm throw under the oaks at Newlands. Please Proteas, show us what you’re made of.

I pulled this little book off my bookshelf last night. It says:”The fact is, cricket is more than a game. For one thing, it is part of summer.” And it waxes on with all the charm of a book written in the 1940’s about the Englishness of cricket.

Need a white shirt to feel cool at the cricket? A pop-in at bluecolourwhitecollar in the Lifestyle Centre in Kloof Street, Cape Town is mandatory. They also have stores in Joburg and Pretoria. BCWC is a beautiful little shop specialising in beautiful shirts, started by Adrian Heneke and Paul van der Spuy, a name closely linked to those other famous stores, Frank B. Earnest and Wilde Oscar. Their blog is another cool place to go. Go see.

Whites from the Earthcote Heritage Collection

The Earthcote Heritage Collection has some of my favourite whites, from creamy and sun-yellowed, to Skip and Persil bright. These two, above, are the kind of whites that’ll make the cricket picture on your Sony leap out at you, stopping you from nodding off when the crack of bat on ball goes quiet.

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