The Faint Inertia Of Time - by Andrew Lord

Agency: Grey/Mumbai. Art Directors: Sham Ramachandran, Abhinav Karwal. Writer: Vishnu Srivatsav.

Is what an old friend asked yesterday. The short answer: No.

Long answer. I wish I had more time. For things like pinning. Pinterest is a busy place, I see. One day.

When I do eventually get pinning, I’d like to pin like Andrew Lord. See up top, ‘The Faint Inertia of Time”. (Hooboy, time would feel mildly inert, doing this.) Andrew’s work is part of an exhibition now on at the Casa Laba art gallery / cafe in Muizenberg. I went there with my friend Lex for a very ganachy birthday tea on Saturday. We loved the exhibition.

Andrew Lords’ pinning looks like it’s a first cousin of the art in the Pantene ad in the One Show Annual 2010. I wish I had time to pin like Andrew, and I’m flat-out crazy-hopping-jealous it wasn’t me who did Pantene.

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