JIMI HENDRIX – spray artwork by Jack Mason

Megan, guest blogger for Freeworld Design Centre, had a few things to say about orange on the FDC blog last week. (And while we’re on the topic, you can follow more of Megan’s beautiful vision on her blog – Dressed by Style.)

Gotta say, I’m with Megan on the orange thing. I like orange. Like it a lot. It surprised me in a big way when I painted my bathroom ceiling (below) orange. Orange is the best, juiciest bang for your paint buck. And Megan is right – a little goes a long way. But it wasn’t easy. I had to be talked into this act of bravery. After buying the paint, I tried to chicken out more than once. Elle Decoration needed to shoot a bathroom and it had to be bont. Kelly Berman and Laureen Rossouw talked me out of chickening. I’m glad they did.

It's hot in here. My chicken-proof orange bathroom.

Installation at the Freeworld Design Centre

'Fortress' - by Midas Envirolite Zero VOC paint range


  1. Hello! Thank you for the kind words. I cetainly think that your orange ceiling is magnificent and quite a show stopper!
    Nevermind everyone in the kitchen at parties…they’ll be in your bathroom instead!
    xo Megan

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