Hand-coloured photograph of Michell's Pass Kloof. Site of a 1,4km zipslide adventure.

On our way out of Ceres a few weekends ago, I spotted an adventure waiting to happen in the Michell’s Pass Kloof.

The Zipslide Tours website tells you exactly what you’ll be getting:

1,4km of pure adrenalin Eco Adventure, consisting of 8 slides varying from 100-290m in length.  This Eco-Adventure is safe, fast and long.  The tour takes place in the Schurweberg Mountains below the Koekedouw Dam in Ceres.

In plain English, a zipslide is a foefie slide. A foefie slide that dumps you in Koekedouw dam?  Yirrrrrah. Sounds flippin’ awesome. Where do I sign and how many of us can go at once?

Earthcote has a colour in its Granite range called Foefie Slide. I did a bathroom in it and love how it turned out in the end.

If someone leaves the soap lying on the floor, I could even slip and slide in it. Only it won’t dump me in the Koekedouw Dam.

Earthcote Granite walls. Photo by Deborah da Silva

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