Feature wall done in Earthcote Worn Leather

Petrol is up, food is up, lights are up. Walls, however, look like they’re coming down. I played with a few products and did the maths myself, and realised that you really don’t need to part with a whole herd of buck to get an interesting looking wall. This wall came together for a few hundred rand for 8 square metres – and it was easy.  I like the slightly trashed, uneasy look. If I repeat it, I’d use a more neutral colour, and turn up the trashed feel by leaving out the waxing and polishing process at the end.

The finish was a lot more complex before I polished it with Wall Wax – ie. how it looks in the shot below. I prefer it unwaxed, like this, but that’s me. I think the way it looks up top is lovely too. Notice (below) how the colour, contrast and ‘burn’ intensity looked before it got waxed.

Here’s how:

MATERIALS: 1 L Earthcote Worn Leather ‘Mountain Boot’ // 1 L Midas Envirolite 220 Femme Fatale 4FEG // 1X tin Earthcote Wall Wax

MY RECIPE: Start with 2 coats Worn Leather, applied by brush. To accentuate the uneven ‘burn’ or contrast, overcoat the Worn Leather wall, once dry, with a coat of Envirolite 220 in the same or similar grey, diluted 50/50 with water. (We used Envirolite Femme Fatale 4FEG.) applied with sponge roller. When you’re happy with how the look has developed, finish with one or two layers of Earthcote Wall Wax. (Or skip the Wall Wax if you like a more agitated look.) Polish either by hand or with an orbital buffer, as you would a floor. 

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