Like I said earlier, Porky Hefer is the third point in the design samoosa at St Ronan’s. Or is it a square? Yes, not a triangle but a square, since Porky and his wife Yelda Bayraktar, who is a designer of beautiful spaces and things, share the office next door to Jaco, and Karen Roos is in another beautiful room down the passage. That makes four.
I saw Porky for a quick hello and didn’t get to talk chairs or anything. Jaco says Porky is doing this up-cycling thing with chairs, in which he takes your trashed, old almost-dead chairs and he coats them with a glossy, hard shell, making them cool and interesting all over again, like you’d never have believed possible. They even look tough enough to survive outside.
Funnily enough, Porky and I also worked in neighbouring offices at an ad agency in the days of slogans, jingles and double page spreads. Porky has invented startling things since he grabbed his freedom and peeled off to the farm to design his own brand of happiness. Elliot, the cratefan made of red Coca Cola carriers was a triumph at the 2010 World Cup – and his beer crate stools struck a big chord in me when I first saw them.

Poster made from sunflower seeds, to campaign for the release of Chinese artist and activist Ai WeiWei.

Porky's beer crates: 'High Hopes' / 'Big Dreams'

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