This is designer Jaco Janse van Rensburg’s studio at St Ronans and these are some of his things. The economy of style of a milk white space gives huge freedom. White makes beautiful things look even more so. I love the unfussedness of the Damien Hirst ‘For the Love of God’ diamond skull, stuck on the wall with duct tape.
Today we’re talking dark chocolate and licorice, the alter ego of milk, for a new project. Jaco’s doing the creative direction for an interior revamp of Cape Town agency Instant Grass. He showed me his mood boards for the update. The ideas are simple and chequebook-friendly, but with lashings of quirk. If I worked in this agency, I’d enjoy coming to work just to soak up the radness. It’ll be exciting to see how the project paints up and how these islands of fun pan out.
Once upon a time, when our smile lines were less divet-like and our hair needed very little in the way of outside help, Jaco and I worked at an ad agency in possession of an interior that cut through. Going to work felt as big as going out on a Friday night. I think that’s the right idea.

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