I opened this guy while doing my filing and online banking last night.

It was a kind of an experiment in empathy. Something a writer must do to be able to do her job properly. I wanted to feel what it might be like, for just one night, to walk in the shoes of Jacques Erasmus.

Jacques, who I spoke about in my Peonies & Pavlova postcard today, is the food daddy behind the beautiful Hemelhuijs Restaurant in Cape Town. Last week, I asked him about his menu plan for the Freeworld Food-Film fest that kicks off with Chocolat next Thursday:

“I don’t know but that will be my homework this weekend.”


Think how many thousands of additional kilograms one would have to lose if homework involved not filing and TAX returns, not brand planning or editing or design, not any of that sort of thing, but instead, unpacking the possibilities with chocolate.

Imagine diligently ploughing through 70% cacao drippy choccie gravies and ganaches and chocolate coated pomegranate and ginger, and truffles and everyday brownies and things, all in the name of work?

Accept. I’m in the wrong business.

But I’ll be going to both see and eat Chocolat on 3 Nov. Then I want to see The Freshman with Marlon Brando on 16 Nov.

For the whole programme and to book, go:   http://www.freeworlddesigncentre.co.za/food-film-nights/

A tasty line-up of matching food flick and food will run throughout November at the chocolate coated Freeworld Design Centre auditorium in Waterkant Street.

One last thing before I finish up my homework for the week. Do any of you know who designed these ass-kicking bars of Honest chocolate? I keep seeing them around. Nice. 

2 thoughts on “HOMEWORK.

  1. Honest chocolate bars packaging designed by owners/makers. They had a tasting at Kamers vol Geskenke and this is what I was told. They make chocolate and design all packaging! Pretty awesome and talented I would say!

  2. Hi, cheers for the mention of our Honest Chocolate. Each of our bars is illustrated by different local artists. The heart bar (above) is hand stamped by ourselves, the bunny (above) and our new coffee bar is by Marsi (http://marsiart.wordpress.com/), The salt bar is by Toby Newsome (http://www.tobynewsome.com/) and the ‘Nib’ bar is by Jean de Wet (http://jeandewet.com/).
    You can see pics of these on our website (http://www.honestchocolate.co.za/raw-organic-chocolate.html) or pop into our shop at 66 Wale street.

    Oh and olok out for our new 88% bar which is done by Michael Taylor (www.michaeltaylor.co.za/)

    Thanks, Michael (Honest Chocolate)

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