Yes, I am.

I am painting my sofa.

But – but it’s such beautiful linen?

I agree, it was beautiful in 2003. Linen stops being beautiful after seven or eight years of dog and coffee cup rings and tomato sauce.

I need to thank Anna Loubser for the tip. We worked on an Elle Decoration production recently at Maranda Engelbrecht’s house, and Maranda told her about this.

Natural rough weave fabrics look even better with a coat of paint. Look at that close-up pic up there. I’m excited. It’s like getting a completely new couch and it only cost about 99 cents.

I used to wonder how upholsterers made 12 metres of linen disappear into a 3 seater sofa. Now I know. I’m wondering whether 3 or 4 litres will be enough for this or if I should get more paint. Painting your way around a sofa is not a quick thing.

I’ll send a postcard soon.






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