Seth Godin has been described as ‘the most influential business blogger in the world.’

In Linchpin he helps us to understand why artists are the new black.

Godin explains how, in the past, there was labour and there was management and that was basically it. Now there’s a new layer of protein in the middle, made up of what he calls the linchpins. The people who make it all happen. He calls them the artists. We know what he means.

He also explains why sharing and connecting are big and why it’s important to keep spreading your art around. Keep flying in the face of factory rules.

I enjoyed this book. It helps make complete sense of the new order.

Only – I had to peel the cover off. It got pen ink stickiness on it and then – oh, I won’t go into it. It was not a supermodel of a cover. People do judge books by their covers and this one would get about a two, maybe a three, max, from us all. Maybe it’s a good thing I can’t show it to you.

Come on, Seth. Ask your publishers to let their artists do some proper art. This cover looks like it came from the finance department.

……………A tip from a recent post on Seth’s blog

When Is It Ok To Start Worrying?

Worrying is not a useful output. Worrying doesn’t change outcomes. Worrying ruins your day. Worrying distracts you from the work at hand. You may have fooled yourself into thinking that it’s useful or unavoidable, but it’s not. Now you’ve got one more thing to worry about.

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