Midas Envirolite Zero VOC Paint

Midas Envirolite Zero VOC Paint

A bottle of Coke actually is happiness, when you have armsfull of apple blossoms that need to be put somewhere. This past weekend I was on a fruit farm in Ceres and had to bring some of the prettiness in. So – off with the heads of the Coke empties. For more ideas to make lovely vases out of virtually nothing, flip through the Spring issue of Elle Decoration – and click into their blog for an extended mix of inspiration.

The floral fabric is from Bellamy&Bellamy, David Bellamy’s fabric nirvana in Muizenberg. Read about the awesomeness of David and his incredible collections of cloth on Life-Times blog. David loves beautiful things and he can tell you the provenance of every piece of fabric that enters his realm. I’m addicted to his shop and can’t help dropping in there for an epic rummaging session, every now ‘n then, and to listen to his wonderful stories.

The colours in my bottles-full of apple blossoms and the florals from Bellamy&Bellamy remind me of a colour story by the Freeworld Design Centre which looks at the happy hipness of yellow and pink together.

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