Daybed made from wooden pallets - found at apartmenttherapy.comDAY BED MADE FROM PALLETS. FOUND AT APARTMENTTHERAPY.COM


Old or new, timber pallets have a simplicity that feels good.

A good bed is hard to find. I’m fussy about beds. I want a really simple bed. No Versailles, please. Anything curly, glossy, glinty or shiny, anything that Marie Antoinette would have liked, would not be my friend.

When I saw the truck up top parked at a timber yard in Ceres this morning, a yellow Post-It note fell from the sky.

This was something we’d been discussing around the big talk-table at the Freeworld Design Centre. Fruit and vegetable packing crates make a wonderful bed. Take four of them, turn them upside down and float a double bed mattress on top. Total cost: about 85 cents, including transport.

I like the raw timber, and I prefer new to old. But the slats could also be painted. Which opens up a world of fun for those of us who like to paint the odd thing. You could also do a low-slung bed out of regular flat pallets, as in the daybed at the top.

I’m sure I’ll sleep nicely on a bed like this. If not, I’ll borrow some advice from zenhabits, the world famous blog of Leo Babauta, who has a brilliant arsenal of tricks for living simply, happily and calmly. The insomnia tip goes like this: rewind your entire day in your mind, starting from letting the dog out, brushing your teeth, clearing last night’s dishes away. Include every detail, however mundane. It works.

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