Photo: Design Boom

Manners. Nobody does them quite like Sir Paul does. I loved seeing this quote and hearing what he had to say about the importance (or not) of clothes, fashion and sartorial obsession. He also says he finds fashion shows a detestable waste of money and wishes they’d do away with them. Note – He does clothes. Not fashion.

I also ran into a wonderfully frank Q&A with Paul Smith on Design Boom. How honest he is about not having any intellectual books on his bedside table. And other stuff.

I wonder what he’d say about my friend Deborah’s stripes on her bedroom wall? I bet something like – “As long as the people in this room are kind and decent, I really don’t care what the hell they do on their walls.”  

Painted stripes only look simple. Actually, they’re purgatory. These were damn hard earned (the ceiling is 5m high). They required perseverance, patience and a bizarre sense of humour. Qualities which I’m sure PS would give a tick to. Medals for you, Deb.

Photo: Deborah da Silva. Walls painted in Midas Envirolite Zero VOC colours.

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