Chest of drawers? – sounds far too Victorian a description for such a thing. I ran into it this in the current issue of l’Officiel design magazine. I think the idea is so knock-out, I want to design an entire kitchen around it. Just think, it could be made to work in a bazillion different permutations – towers, stacks, one colour, two colours, plain black, multicolour.

Plastic crates are so cool. Last Spring I got bitten by a gardening bug and decided I must make something for my sorry old weather beaten patio, out of crates. This terrarium was one of the upshots of that itch. It was really easy, fast and, I have to say, gratifying. Take four crates, fill with ground cover (I used Pennyroyal), cover with a nice thick piece of glass – so it doubles as a table. If you can’t get enough crates from your corner cafe or bottle store, check out Plastics for Africa – a shop that sucked me in much more than I thought possible. The bust sculpture was a pressie from my sister Wends, made with her own two hands.


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