COLDPLAY at Cape Town Stadium, 5 October 2011

Those people up top, in the sunglasses ad, were they at the Coldplay concert on Wednesday night? They look like they were. At Cape Town stadium, sixty thousand people all had this glossy, spellbound, smitten look, laser-washed in colours you only see in your dreams and in lava lamps.

When the fireworks started hissing and spitting from the rim of the slinky stadium, our eyes grew large. We’d heard that Coldplay are crowd pleasers, but we didn’t expect rockets. Being body-painted by lasers in the colours of tropical fish was intense. So was the ballpond on the field and the rain of butterfly confetti that made us feel like we were in a giant snowdome.

I’m a sucker for the part where the lead singer tells us how wonderful it is to be in our city and the crowd goes bos. Chris Martin even adjusted some of his lyrics to let us know he thinks SA rocks. I can see why Gwyneth Paltrow is fine with him sharing her hot water bottle.

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