Take this field of daisies behind my house, for instance. Isn’t it a bit twisted to bear grudges against loveliness such as this? Just because it’s not exactly a new picture?

Clichés give us gifts. The thing about them is that they let you leapfrog from them onto something special, a lot of the time. When you see the big yellow in the field of daisies you could think… Isn’t big eye-blinding yellow lovely? How can I make it bigger than big? And then the idea of big yellowness explodes into something intense – if you want it to.

In a project that involved one of my day jobs and Elle Decoration, we decided to go large with yellow. What started out as a pokey little bathroom with an inferiority complex ended up being the Heidi Klum of bathrooms. To amp up the look, we decided to use classic plaster-type finishes on the walls and floor – not paint – and tint them siren-bright yellow.

You even want the floor that colour? said the quivering factory production man.

Yes, especially the floor, said I.

OK, sunglasses on everyone. This is the After shot.

Photos courtesy of Elle Decoration. Walls in Earthcote Shalestone, custom-tinted. Floors in Earthcote Millstone Flooring, custom-tinted. Production: Anna Loubser. Photography: Antonia Steyn.

Er. Sorry for you, lady. Last week, when my daisy patch was looking completely 100% biscuit tin perfect, the man from the municipality came with his lawnmower and gave it a short-back-and-sides. I won’t show you that After shot. It’s boring.

Poster design: Anthony Burrill

Which made this message ricochet off my walls. I got this poster online from Concrete Hermit, a store in London which has some cool stuff. My favourites are the woodblock posters by UK designer Anthony Burrill. Not sure if they still stock AB posters but the store is worth a look-in anyway. Anthony’s own site also has a shop which sells some of his best posters. My all-time favourite is this one. It’s up on my kitchen wall.

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