WHITE WALL: MIDAS ENVIROLITE ‘PHYLLO’      Photo: Deborah da Silva
Houndstooth is big. The houndstooth in my friend Deborah’s house is especially big. I love how the pattern looks when it goes this large.

Vogue UK has spoken. This month, the tooth of the hound has to go underneath one’s Ferragamo stilettos.

Even my sweaty kitbag got bitten.

Bronze and chocolate and hot pink, as a combo, is growing on me.

Colours: Midas Envirolite Zero VOC paint

Want a bite?

Any takers for a chocolate / bronze / pink giant houndstooth wall, similar to Debs’ wall up top? (I’ll do it in your place. The only must is this: it must be hot pink and bronze/chocolate – and I’ll need to take a snapshot when we’re done please.) My friends at SignBomb in Observatory do the vinyl pattern in a long strip, like wallpaper. This is how we did the work on Deborah’s wall. We peel the strip super-carefully onto the wall, then paint in the negative spaces. It’s the most pain-free way to do any ‘stencil’ patterned wall. No tracing, masking tape, chaos.


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