Tessa Gawith ceramics

My friend Tessa Gawith is stockpiling masses of these beautiful aqua-glazed bowls and cups and things. They’re soon going to be part of a well-curatored artisan collection at a famous name retailer whose uncompromising eye for taste and quality led them to Tessa. They found her in her studio in Palmer Rd, Muizenberg, where she was doing what she always does. Pouring hours, days, months of her trademark perfectionism into teapot spouts and jug handles and deliberating over the subtleties of different shades of glazes.

“The aim is to make items that are consistent but not uniform, with each item showing subtle individual characteristics but conforming to the same identity and standard,” says Tessa.

You really have to pick these pieces up and look at them from every angle to get a sense of the luxury of well-crafted simplicity. The shapes are inspired. Kinda old school cool. But I think what got the famous name retailer excited is the awesomeness of her glazes. Tessa’s colours are tops.

They’ll be at certain Woolworths stores in October. Go Tessa go.


More things by Tessa that I love. And some colours that make me hear her voice.


3 thoughts on “OLD SCHOOL COOL

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