So my old stoep couch got extremely made-over. This is how it looks now.    [before: september 21]

Do you agree that revamp really is the new black?

I’m quite happy with the update ,actually. I’ll be happy stretching out on this thing, holding something cool and clinky when the Celsius does a parabola. And I can’t lie. I do like the shweshwe and North African batik print and the chives in those teracotta wine cooler things. (What are these shapes? I found them at Lieberman Pottery in Kommejie.)


What else can we do this weekend if we get bored?

You could paint a floor. Like this one, for instance.

Soon I’m going to renovate, and this section of the house will be Tipexed out of the house plan, to make room for a garden. That’s why I used paint instead of marble or gold plate. What I like about these diamonds is that they aren’t black, but a sort of aubergine-red-brown. Done by the Elle Decor guys.

We’re not that bored.

Ok, then don’t a paint floor. Or a ceiling. Do as little as possible. That’s what I’m doing this weekend.


– Another kind of lounger that I like. The Baba Papa by Haldane Martin. One day.


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