Cape winters know how to drag.
I’ve been fantasising about spending a whole Saturday in the sun, digging, chopping, planting, staking and painting. On Monday, the weather widget on my phone said today would be that day. Full sun, no cloud, no south-easter, 24C. Plus, earlier this week, my friend Deb invited us to trundle down the road to her and Denis tonight to do our bit fof National Braai Day.
Andy Warhol was right, you know.
Now that said 24C cloudless, southeaster-less day is here, and NB Day is being celebrated at a Weber near me, I’m even more excited. For we have waited.
Nice thing about about braaiing at the Da Silvas is that Denis is not just a surfing legend and beer brewing legend. He is also a braaiing legend. Denis knows how to turn a Portuguese pilchard into a national treasure on the coals. He even did a Christmas turkey in the Weber one year, forfreksake.
Mind you. Deborah reminded him that a fire won’t cook a turkey until somebody lights it.

Christmas 2009 - Turkey in Weber

Colour Of The Day - 'CHILL' by Midas ENVIROLITE

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