Good Lord. What would make anyone want to crochet the Great Barrier Reef?

That thing that Jiminy Cricket kept reminding Pinocchio of. Conscience. Which needs to be our guide too, since there aren’t too many fish in the sea anymore. The aim of this installation is to remind us to think twice about ordering prawns, sole, kob, tuna and kingklip from seafood delis. And to please pick hake or sardines or oysters instead.

Hey, sardines are actually nice, and they help keep your cholesterol in a good place.

Done by WARP (Woodstock Art Reef Project), the installation is up at a restaurant in Montebello Design Centre in Newlands Ave. Cape Town. It’s part of an international crochet project in which everyone is doing their bit of reef. Our South African effort is eye-boggling. You have no option but to go close up and inspect. That’s when you pick up the little wallet-friendly SASSI / WWF pocket guide that tells you what fish we should and shouldn’t eat. It’s clever.

WARP - Woodstock Art Reef Project

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