It might be. I’ll have to do more research. Depends what’s underneath that festering old Zimbabwe wicker after all these years in the rain and glue that drips down on our heads in winter.

Saturday is National Braai Day so I’m thinking we could get ceremonial about this. We will burn some wors or chuck a fish on the coals, drink beer and de-wicker the vrot old thing.

Maybe I’ll paint what’s left of it, maybe I’ll put it on the heap. We could even burn it if I forget to buy charcoal again.

If the bench makes it, I’ve found a few things that need to go out there. Wax-batik Cote D’Ivoire cloth (present from Lex) is a definite. Cushions will be needed. And the cluster of terracotta planters is nice. I like those. I think the blue angel also wants to be in on the fun.

But angels are so 2008. Everyone had them, don’t you remember?

Oh be quiet. I like the angel in spite of her popularity in 2009. The colour is incredible.

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