I made Tiara Girl for the Safe Spaces event at Freeworld Design Centre in August. She went on silent auction with 44 other balls and now lives in the home of Paige Nick, a writer and ex-colleague of mine. Paige is a marathon writer. Not a 200m sprinter-dabbler-pottering type like me. Paige writes books. (Ya, books plural.) She has her blog A Million Miles From Normal and she has a day job at a big ad agency. I’m happy Tiara Girl went to Paige’s home. More than happy, I’m flat-out honoured. And relieved. What if nobody had wanted TG?

Oh come ON, Jennifer, stop being pathetic. Anyway, all the ballmakers felt the same as you. You heard what Paige said on her blog.

Ya. I suppose so. I didn’t actually make it to go on auction. I made it because sonny boy was asked to do a ball. I thought if I did something random, he’d do something sick. (sic) And I couldn’t help myself. Jack’s pot of papier mache was imploring me to dive in.

Before Tiara Girl, I made this other one using gold leaf.  Although alluringly glinty, Cinderella was conceptually barren and ended up staying at home.


Work in progress – ‘Man In the Moon’ by Jack Mason

'Man In the Moon' - done

Jack used papier mache, white beeswax and pearlescent white/silver Earthcote paint for ‘Man In The Moon’. I loved his dreamy wistful smile. And how sweet and handsome he looks in profile. He made this piece in a way that seemed completely effortless.

Jack, you are the man.

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