‘Did you mean Chung Li, Chunky Limbs or Chicken Legs?’ asks Wikipedia.

‘No, Wiki, I meant Chunxi Liu.’

Liu is one of China’s top selling artists. But Googling people from the People’s Republic doesn’t yield a whole lot.

At 30, Liu is already pulling 7-figure auction sales in China. At the Beijing CNTC International Auction in December 2010 his works generated nearly €10m.

We think New York is the epicenter of art shopping? Well now, see here.

“Beijing now competes with New York in terms of revenue totals; however, it is in fact a very different market: firstly its deals exclusively in Asian artists and secondly, it is distinctly focused on its excellent traditional artistic talents such as drawing and painting. In Beijing, the tradition of the medium is of primary importance… as is the subject,” says Being about Art and about Price, Artprice know all about Chunxi Liu. That’s where I heard about him.

Chinese artists haven’t taken to wrapping buildings in lycra, or slicing Pandas in half and making them do circus tricks in perpetual motion in formaldehyde. In China they still like their artists to draw and paint.

Up top is a painting by Chen Yifel, Beijing’s top selling contemporary artist. This year, Chen’s sales are ahead of Damien Hirst by about €500 000. Over the past year his work hauled in close on €20 million. Ching ching.

And in the other picture?

That’s Gordon Perries of Cape Town. Gordon is another painter who knows what he’s doing. If you’re working with Earthcote products and need to call an expert, please ask me for Gordon’s number. If you can’t afford a Yifel or a Liu, you can afford a Perries. Like the wall behind him, done in black Earthcote Granite Paint. You’ll see the whole picture (including the floor) later this summer in the Dec/Jan issue of Elle Decoration.

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