I bumped into this lovely stack of tyres, winking at me from the side of the road in Palmer Rd, Muizenberg.

It’s outside the studio of Riaan Chambers, who makes beautiful chandeliers, screens, mosaic frescos and other remarkable things out of bits of found stuff, mostly. Riaan is famous for his lights. Designed to go places, many end up in swanky hotels and homes all over the world. He makes eye-boggling lightships with twigs and shells and things. Like this one:

Or anemone-like clusters of shells like this.

If you like Riaan’s tyres or want to shine up a few things of your own, you’ll achieve something similar with Earthcote’s metallic Dorado paint in bronze, copper, silver or pewter.

Metallics also work nicely on walls. This playful loo at the Olympia Cafe, Kalk Bay (famous for its seafood) was done in Earthcote metallics by designer-artist Alistair Palmer.

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