Today is officially the day for putting away uggs and hot water bottles and mohair knee rugs. It’s also meant to be the day for dancing in fields of daisies. The fact that it’s drizzling on our heads, however, is keeping me in. I’m nowhere near the fields or the beaches. And that’s good, because 1 Sept seems like the right place on the calendar to start something new. I’ve decided to purge. Tidy up, edit, chuck out, and improve my filing and storage systems. Including filing ideas that I don’t want to see evaporate.

Pact with self: keep things in a place where you won’t lose them, koekalooks.

The Raphiolepsis in our backyard flowering. How lovely is this? I love the colour of this bush. Same colour as the faded pinks in Granny’s cross-stich tablecloth, below, which turned up during the cleansing. I’m a sucker for fabric.

This colour, below, which belongs to the same family of pinks, above, has been on my pinboard for much too long already. I must do something with it. [Colour by Midas Envirolite 240 – Zero VOC paint.]

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